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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That guy

He was born on the anniversary of the founding of Girl Scouts. His forefathers include John Paul Jones (ask him the story of the Jones part - he will tell you). He likes spicy food and he is a beer snob.

That's my husband, and today is his 54th birthday.

We are at that point in our lives where we don't need a fuss made. I gave him a card this morning that said I would let him be right for the whole day... which I believe lasted for maybe half the ride to work. We splurged on Chinese takeout (which we will both pay for later). We still have dessert to go <wink wink> - stop it, I meant pudding.

He's a good guy that I take for granted every chance I get. We've known each other since we were both 20, and there are things I'm still discovering about him. Like how he doesn't like chicken fingers.

There are moments in a 30+ year relationship where you're going to wonder what the #$(*&#) you were thinking when you married this person. I've learned over the years that those moments are when it helps to look at what someone else sees.

His coworker points out how he has a terrible habit of dumping things on any empty counter or table in the vicinity, no matter how many times he is threatened to Keep It Clean. He is also aware that they share a strong work ethic that helps to get the job done, and then some.

His mom, who passed away this past September, loved to share memories of having to keep an extra pair of shoes around any time he was near water, whether the ocean, a pond, or a puddle.

His future son-in-law is comfortable enough with him to ask if he can play with the snowblower or tiller when he visits, or just sit around and have a beer together. We can even leave them alone together and trust that the time won't be bogged down by awkward silences.

His daughters know he voice would rise quickly when ticked, and they also know "I love you, Daddy" turned him to instant mush. He would do anything he could for them.

Friends know he is always willing to help fix stuff, move stuff, or find stuff (he once used his SCUBA equipment to help someone find keys under a boat dock) - but he draws the line at painting stuff - unless bribed.

If I get crazed because there is not a room in my house that doesn't need something fixed, moved, found, or painted... when he falls asleep on the sofa just when I need his help with something... when he wants rock and I want country on the car radio - it's good to see the man through different eyes.

But my eyes - and my heart - are thankful for what they also see.

He loves animals, all kinds.
He is happy when he can volunteer for a good cause.
He is a great dad.
He is a great kisser (I don't need to verify that through anyone else).

So this is a wish for my best friend, my lover, my S.B. (he knows). Happy Birthday with all my love.

Now how about dessert?

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