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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dear 2015, I'm thinking about it...

The New Year is just hours away. I guess this means I have until midnight to come up with one or more great resolutions for 2015. The timing of this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. We get ourselves all wrapped up in the panicky days leading up to Christmas, and then we’re supposed to calm down, reflect on the past year, and decide how we can make the coming year better.
I would think not going crazy with shopping, cooking, and just out-and-out stressing would be the first thing to go, right? And yet, by the time this season rolls around again, we tend to forget those good intentions, and our resolutions turn into ‘wrestlelutions’ over who’s going to bring dessert and when we can take the perfect Christmas card photo, preferably before December 25.

There are things I hope to accomplish in 2015, such as eating healthier and going to the gym more. Wait – I mean, going to the gym at all. Another one of my resolutions will be to stop making myself crazy about everything that has to get done for First Born’s May wedding. I believe I can accomplish that by early June if I really concentrate.

One more goal will be to keep the kitchen table cleaned off so that we could use it as an actual kitchen table. Yes, I do realize I've mentioned this lofty goal before, and I will admit that it is more of a housekeeping thing. Have we discussed my housekeeping technique? There are days when I am convinced that running a bulldozer through the place would be the most effective tool in de-cluttering my life.  So if I could start off slowly with the kitchen table, which has spent the past month covered in pre-Christmas sales flyers from the Sunday paper, it might become a regular thing. By the way, none of them enticed me to enter their space, except the candle store whose buy-2-get-2-free flyer has been pushed to the top of the pile as a not-so-subtle hint that went right over everyone's heads. I finally took matters into my own hands when I realized the coupon could be used online, and am now awaiting delivery of four scents that sound good enough to eat... except maybe the patchouli. I wouldn't have trusted anyone to know enough to order a patchouli scented candle anyway.

Getting back to resolutions (and away from the sales), I have to be honest. At the end of 2013, I hadn’t made any resolutions for the New Year, not even one to not make any more resolutions.  In a true show of irony, 2014 has been the most positive and beneficial period for some of my personal goals in several years. Naturally, that took some deciding as to how to go about making it happen. But it wasn’t based on a resolution on December 31 to change things this year. It was the circumstance of several small decisions that were more like steps on the way to achieving some goals. And maybe that’s the secret, for me at least, to stepping into my own expectations for the next year.

Resolving to change means resolving to be open to change. Life shifts with the passing of each day, and if we’re lucky and willing, we can edit those resolutions along the way and accomplish some pretty cool things.

Whether or not you have an actual resolution at midnight on December 31, my wish for you is that you are given the chance to make those edits along the path and feel accomplished in your own way. And if you happen to know the secret to keeping the kitchen table clean, please pass it on.

Happy New Year!

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