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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Those three little words

Every once in a while my husband of more than 30 years will hear me utter those words every man longs to hear. I’ve even been brazen enough to blurt it out in front of witnesses who might be needed in the future to quote me if needed. That much anticipated, powerful phrase?

“You were right.”

The last time I shared this thought out loud another male (someone else’s husband, naturally) immediately volunteered to confirm that I was lucid and in my right mind. These guys know how to stick together. They even indirectly dared me to put my laptop where my mouth is and write about this momentous occasion.

It’s not like I don’t give Spouse credit where credit is due. We never would have made it through all these years if I hadn’t let him believe he was right every so often. It could be that I’m mellowing with age and have decided that life is short and I should make it clear just how much I cherish the simple things, like admitting he knew how many Tupperware containers I left behind at church when I wasn’t quite sure. By the way, whoever mistakenly took my large square container with the burp lid should know there’s a tracking device on it.

My willingness to admit my hubby is in the know could simply be that I want to keep on his good side, since the older we get the more we realize that we have almost one working brain between the two of us. For the most part we are in sync. There are times, however, when the message doesn’t quite compute. Take, for instance, last weekend.

We attended a fundraising event Saturday that began with a silent auction where we browsed through several items while enjoying scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and wine, followed by a live auction. Mind you, ahead of time Spouse and I sat down (well, we were in the car at the time, so we had to be sitting) and discussed just how much money we were willing to part with that evening. I don’t mean on the way to the auction, I mean this conversation occurred a few days before. In other words, we should have been prepared.

Here’s what we did wrong: We each had a bidding number. We started out with filling each other in on what we bid on, but somewhere along the way we sort of lost track.

Let me just express how thankful I am that we were constantly outbid during the live auction, because our total “winnings” from the silent auction added up to twice as much as we had anticipated writing a check out for.

In the end it was a fun night and we did scoff up some pretty good deals, and neither was pointing a finger at the other about the cost. Even though we were seduced by the power of our bidding numbers, neither of us was right – or wrong.  We got a little carried away for a worthwhile cause. The best part is that we’ll be putting our Sam’s Club gift card to good use this week and after the holidays we can look forward to a night in a very nice Freeport hotel.

So this time neither of us had to utter those three little words that can be hard to say. Instead we traded them in for those five vital words that bond a couple in the midst of midlife and an empty nest…

“Have you seen my glasses?”

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