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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wait... what did I come in here for?

After more than three decades together, nobody should be surprised at how in sync Spouse and I are. We understand each other’s half sentences and might even spout out the same phrase simultaneously. Our senses of humor are just about melded together to create one silly, semi-sarcastic comeback, which we practice on each other on a regular basis.

It’s even more interesting when humor carries over to our increasing lack of retaining names of people, places and things.

Take last week after our visit to Sam’s Club. As is our habit, we made a meal out of various delectable samples, hovering around microwaves and sauté pans with tasty giveaways while wandering through the store. One of our snack stops happened to be for a large, sweet type of orange neither of us was familiar with. After wolfing down our sample cups, we decided to grab a bag and so we could have them with breakfast and as pack them as snacks for work.
The next morning we split an orange with our breakfast. As we slurped on the delicious citrus, we both struggled to remember the type of orange we were eating. Spouse swore it started with the letter N, while I pictured it as having an R at the beginning. Wiping the juice off my fingers and fueling myself with a sip of coffee, I got up and opened the refrigerator where the bag of oranges was stashed.

"Cara Cara," I read out loud from the bag. "I told you it started with a C," was my mate's immediate reply. Oh, did you, now?

Spouse and I have gotten quite adept at forgetting the same things. I filled out a survey recently. The main reason I took the time to complete the survey is because I wanted to get it off the kitchen table, and it came with a prepaid stamped envelope. Talk about incentive, right?

The sealed envelope made it all the way to my car, where it sat for two days before we remembered to drop it in one of the many mailboxes we passed. Yes, I know it’s easier to just put it in my own mailbox and let the postal carrier pick it up. But what’s the challenge in that?

Sometimes believing you’re in sync causes the consideration boat to rock. If you’ve been a couple for a long time (a really long time) you may have experienced that "helpfulness" which occasionally backfires. Like when one of us feeds the cats and the other feeds them again, because cats will act like they’re starving at all times - until they get sick under a piece of furniture. We try to stay in the habit of cluing each other in that the felines have been taken care of, no matter what they insinuate.

There is also occasional coffeemaker confusion. We’ve both come close to filling the carafe with water, and every once in a while, one of us thinks the other made the coffee ahead of time, and it didn’t happen. That’s as close to a morning crisis as we’ve gotten, and that’s close enough.

It’s a pretty solid bet that Spouse and I will continue to grow old together and stay in sync. It’s also likely that the older we get, the more we will forget - and the more we’ll pretend we didn’t.

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