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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Blanket weather is the best

You might hate me for saying this, but I am a happy camper since the temps dipped. Blanket weather is my favorite season. You can’t beat days where the thermometer doesn’t slip above 70 and you can sleep curled up under warm covers with the windows still open at night. Admittedly, not everybody in my family has the same affinity for fall.

While the Love Couple was visiting us last month from Atlanta, the weather was too close to home – theirs. They were comfortable, I was cranky. I didn’t move to Maine for this 80-plus degree business.

It’s not that I enjoy shoveling the white stuff to come. In fact, Spouse and I are both dreading the winter, mostly because we have ten years before retirement when we can just stay inside and not care about the weather. The Farmer’s Almanac is no help, with its “snowier-than-normal” forecast for the Northeast. Still, at night it is heaven to use a blanket and no ceiling fan. Humidity doesn’t bother my mate. He would be perfectly happy with having to mow the lawn over shoveling the… well, you know.

Fortunately, at least one person in this family totally gets my fall weather favoritism. Second Born.

While First Born and The Groom were here last month, my oldest kept a long-sleeved shirt in sight at all times because it was only, you know, 80-something degrees. My son-in-law mentioned that he felt chilly their first night sleeping here. They had t-shirt sheets and two blankets on the bed. Our youngest, however, practically breaks into a sweat thinking about breaking into a sweat. Like me.

This week, at least two of us are in our glory, lounging in yoga pants (I hope you didn’t expect me to use them for yoga) and having valid reasons to pull up that extra blanket at night. Everyone else is moaning about summer ending and temps dropping.

My friend and fellow columnist Michelle Cote (the Rookie Mama) had to battle the worst of southern Maine’s heat in her final week of pregnancy. By the time Number Three was born, he was probably looking for the air conditioning.

Maybe you’re one of us crazies who are good with seeing our breath in the air while enjoying the smell of a campfire. Perhaps you’re fine with putting away the shorts and sandals, and dragging out the sweaters and closed-toe shoes. The first day I wore a sweater to work in August was exhilarating.

The Love Couple has hinted that they’d like to consider relocating back to this area within the next couple of years. I think they should start a separate savings account just to prepare for their heating bill. They’ve also mentioned to Second Born that Atlanta has many job opportunities. Her response – yes, but it also has heat, so No, thank you.

Ready for blanket weather!
Lately, our youngest has taken on a new hobby, one that you might associate with cold weather. She is learning to knit. I’m sure her grandmother, whose many handmade pieces are still used in our home, is smiling in heaven.

The thing about knitting is that it’s essentially preparing for winter. Second Born is already talking blankets and knit caps. She started challenging herself right off the bat with fingerless gloves. She managed to con me into a trip to a local crafts store for a few small items she “needed” to start her projects, with the promise that I will at some point be the recipient of at least one handmade gift.

I know most people are lamenting the loss of hotter temps, and I hope those folks made the most of their summer. For me, the best season begins when I’m sleeping under a mound of covers.

Congratulations and best wishes from this mom to the Cote clan on their newest edition. We are all looking forward to more wonderful columns about their party of five.

P.S. This column appeared in the Journal Tribune in August (timelines have been edited)
, when sun worshippers (as much as you can be a sun worshipper in Maine) weren't worried about it getting chilly any time soon, and are in denial that yesterday was the first day of fall.

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